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What if you could substantially decrease your fuel & maintenance costs
while improving the environment?

What can this do for your Company?

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You've never seen anything like this before!

Did You Know?
Countries all over the world have pledged to reduce emissions by upwards of 15% - 40% by the year 2020.*
United States - 28% Canada - 17%
Australia - 5%-25% Japan - 25%
Brazil - 39% India - 20% - 25%
South Africa - 34% China 30%
European Union - 20%
* as reported by

How will they do this? They have no idea!

But you can bet that it will require businesses and individuals to lower their emissions. And at their own costs.

As you can see from the tests listed to the right, XFT reduces emissions by about 1/3. That fact is indisputable. Many tests show even better results than that.

XFT is a simple, effective, immediate answer to this problem.

The best part is... It won't cost you any more to use it. It is very inexpensive. In fact, you will make money just by using XFT.

will Save
you money?

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of XFT

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of XFT?

For over 20 years this product has been tested and proven all around the world to substantially reduce emissions, while at the same time, improving fuel economy and prolonging the life of engines. There have been Hundreds of tests done over those years.
Here are a few examples of actual tests:

Equipment Tested:
2008 Case Swather (farm equipment)
2002 Holland Swather.

Results: 38% reduction particulate emissions
7.1% fuel economy improvement.

Equipment Tested:
1983 Peterbilt with a 350 Cummins engine
1981 Peterbilt with a 400 Caterpillar engine
1985 Freightliner with a 350 Cummins
New John Deere 8430 T tractor

Results: 31% reduction particulate emissions
8.5% fuel economy improvement.

Equipment Tested:
2006 Freightliner dump truck with 3406
Caterpillar engine
2000 International mixer truck with an N 18 Cummins engine.

Results: 36% reduction particulate emissions
7.7% fuel economy improvement.

Equipment Tested:
PAMA Mining Contractor -- Komatsu HD785-5 Mining Dump Trucks

Results: Maintenance schedule elongated
from 15,000 hours of operation to
25,000 hours of operation, a 67%

Equipment Tested:
2001 International truck with an N14+ Cummins engine
2000 Freightliner with a Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine.

Results: 34% reduction particulate emissions
8.7% fuel economy improvement.

These tests show minimum fuel improvements and emission reductions from these particular tests. Many tests and user feedback show much greater improvements. If you would like, your Syntek Global representative can supply you with additional test results .

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